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ABOUT TOWN: Local Flour Blossoms With Outrageous Shortbreads

A longtime passion kindled over a sip of wine turns into a profitable venture for Kirkland's Sandra Salazar.

By Francesca Lyman     September 13, 2011  Kirkland Patch

WHEN LIFE hands you lemons, make lemonade. Marine biologist Sandra Salazar faced down funding cuts to her environmental-consulting business with sweet revenge: She put on a cook’s hat and baked cookies.

Mastering artisan cooking of hand-crafted shortbreads, mixed in small batches with all-original recipes, was hardly a stretch for this Kirkland biologist-turned-baker. Baking has yielded such good returns that, for now, Salazar has turned in her wetsuit, regulator, and dive tables for aprons, cutting knives and cookie trays....

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