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Founded in March, 2005 by Sandra and Michael Salazar, Outrageous Shortbreads is a subsidiary of Outrageous Offerings, LLC a small, family-owned bakery specializing in gourmet bakery products. All of our offerings are hand-made in small batches in the tradition of true artisans.

Trained as marine biologists, we have always had a passion for food and wine. This passion lead to specialty catering that focused on pairing wine with each element of a meal.

We first developed our flagship shortbread, Blue Cheese Walnut, because we wanted a "different" appetizer, and we love the texture and gustatory sensation characteristic of shortbread. Spurred on by numerous requests for our shortbread, we built a state-certified bakery and now dedicate our efforts to producing unique and exciting gourmet bakery products to pair with wine, cheese, fruits, and desserts. 

Our savory shortbreads fit the traditional definition of a very rich, thick short cookie --appetizing to the taste or smell, and not sweet. To eliminate confusion with traditional "sweet" shortbread cookies, we emphasize the savory nature of our Outrageous Shortbreads and their ability to pair with a wide range of foods and beverages; we refer to them as solely as "shortbread".

We focus on the epicurean and creating memorable delicacies for people of all ages to enjoy throughout all of life's experiences.  Since 2005 our mission has been to provide uniquely enjoyable baked products that you can be proud to give as gifts and serve to family and friends.  We hope you delight in our Outrageous Offerings during your special times of sharing as we have during our times of creation.  Each of our products is truly "Something different ... something more!"


We use only the freshest ingredients such as sweet cream butter, cheeses, nuts, and seasonings.

Each batch is hand-made and hand-packed by us in the traditional artisan manner.


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