Outrageous Shortbread is a new twist on a timeless classic. Our shortbread flavors make for a perfect snack, appetizer, or tasteful gourmet dessert. Every flavor is crafted with a blend of spices, herbs, nuts, fruits, and cheeses balanced to awake your every taste bud.

   Blue Cheese Walnut

   Pecorino Sage

   White Cheddar Chive


   Cracked Pepper Currant

   Ole Mole

   Roasted Garlic Bacon

   Bittersweet Chocolate

   White Chocolate

   Traditional Vanilla


  Bittersweet Chocolate Lavender

  Vanilla Lavender

  White Chocolate Lavender

  Apricot Mango

 Blueberry Vanilla Walnut

 Cherry Mocha

 Cranberry Cardamom Pecan

 Lemon Hazelnut

 Pineapple Almond Cinnammon


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